Here to Help You Communicate with Customers During Quarantine

March 24, 2020

Times are really, freaking strange right now. The state of the world around us is so uncertain. The situation is scary. Protocols and rules are changing by the day, if not hour. And with that communities everywhere seem to be crashing and yet simultaneously coming together in a beautiful way.

The news is filled with terrifying forecasts of what’s to come, and yet mixed in between scary headlines are stories of people doing good. Amazing people helping others in tear-worthy ways.

I’ve offered my hand a number of times in local, community based groups. To moms in need of childcare, or elderly neighbors in need of grocery delivery.

People are putting their lives at risk (literally) for people like us who are simply being asked to stay home… so I know there’s still more I can do. I’m not OK simply using this time to rest.

So tell me friend, how can I help your business right now?

Schools are out, services are being canceled, employees across almost every industry imaginable are losing their sense of security. Businesses are being forced to close their doors, and those who are deemed essential and OK to stay open are trying to figure out the best way to protect their employees while still servicing all of us.

If your business is struggling to communicate critical updates to your customers, I’m here to offer a hand.

The world at large may feel very uncertain for everyone right now, but the state of your business doesn’t need to be.

I’m here to help you think quickly about the best way to communicate to your customers during this crisis.

  • Whether it’s a making rapid updates to your website…
  • Adding a new promotions bar to your homepage…
  • Creating a popup module to alert visitors of your current status…
  • Sending out an email blast…
  • Setting up social media account on a new platform to communicate in real time with customers…

If you’re trying to get online and are NOT tech-savvy, or if you’re just swamped with trying to maintain your business during this wild time… I can help.

Or perhaps your business is working remotely, but you’re struggling to to work effectively as a team during this quarantine period, I’m here to help you too.
  • Do you need help setting up virtual classrooms?
  • Or getting your team set up on a chat tool like Slack to communicate throughout the day while at home?
  • Need to figure out video conferencing technology?
  • Or how to manage complex projects while all of your contributors are working from their living rooms?

I really mean it, friends.

What can I do for you and your business?

How can I help you during this time?

It can be something really small, or something really big. I want to help.

Go ahead and click this link to tell me exactly what I could do to make your life a little easier right now.

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