The BEST Feminine WordPress Theme for Business

April 19, 2020

When I began writing my beginner’s guide to creating a website, I didn’t think much about theme selection. At first, I wanted to help people get over the hump of techy things that seem tricky (that can be easy with a little hand holding) like domain and hosting setup. Usually I find that’s where people feel most confused and out of their element. What I didn’t take into consideration then, is that I know if you’re anything like me – as a female business owners it is so easy to fall down the black hole that is searching for feminine WordPress themes online.

Like… searching endlessly on Creative Market, and scrolling Pinterest for hours. It’s easy to open 500 tabs and view 500 theme demos all before dinner time. It’s one of the great benefits of WordPress! A world of theme options at your finger tips – some free, some premium (read: paid). But when you’re just starting out, it’s tough stuff to pick the right theme for your business.

There are literally thousands of feminine WordPress themes all being marketed directly to you. It feels impossible to pick just one. And there’s nothing more soul crushing then finally picking a theme, pending a couple of weeks setting up your website with the WordPress theme you think is perfect for your new business, only to decide it is in fact… not. And starting over.

Soul crushing. And also infuriating because that’s a lot of hours that you spent setting up that theme! Hours that could have been used to work on your business.

A List of the Best WordPress Themes for Female Entrepreneurs

I’ve been in your shoes more times than I care to admit. And I don’t want to see you stumbling of which theme is right for your business any longer!

Top 5 WordPress Themes for Female Business Owners in 2020

So today I’m rounding up my absolutely best and favorite. These are my top 5 WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs. Before I break down each theme, I suppose I should say a few things:

  • These are all premium WordPress themes which means you will need to spend some money to purchase a proper license before getting started. Choosing a free vs. premium theme could be an entirely separate post – but in summary – spend the money. Free themes usually wind up looking, well, free, and as a new business owner the last thing you want is for your website to look anything less than professional. Plus, free themes often lack consistent support channels and timely updates.
  • These are my top 5 choices for businesses like mine that fall into the service based business space. If you’re say – wedding photographer, or artist, or food blogger – you may want to look for something more specific to your needs. However for creative businesses, for service based businesses, for coaches and consultants, I think this list will do you well!
  • Most of the options below rely on a framework or additional piece to the website puzzle. But, a large part of why these themes made the cut for my list is because they provide exceptional support, and great installation and set up instructions. So do what they suggest, and you should be all set.
  • Lastly, I’m talking a lot about women and female business owners and femininity here. I am not being insensitive… I’m not being oblivious to the fact that not every female business owners wants an overtly feminine looking theme. And, as a website designer I know the look and feel of your website isn’t actually about you at all… it’s about your audience. So perhaps I should go back and edit this whole post to reference business owners with a predominately female audience… but hopefully if you’re here searching for a theme, you get what I’m going for.

So let’s get to it, shall we? Without further ado, here are my go to WordPress themes for female business owners.

1. ChicServe Divi Child Theme by Bluchic

I could gush about the ChicServe theme ALL DAY LONG. First of all, Kathie and Andrew are some of the greatest theme makers I’ve ever worked with. Their themes (and all products) are beautiful. Their instructions are so freaking thorough and helpful. And their support is top notch.

ChicServe theme by BluChic

When I first saw the announcement for the new theme, I jumped out of my seat. I was so excited for the opportunity to use this theme for a fellow female service based business! I just knew it would be perfect. And I got that chance when working with Melissa, a digital marketing consultant who specializes in search marketing and paid advertising. We are both so happy with how her new website turned out using the ChicServe theme!

The best news? The folks over at BluChic recently released a new version of the ChicServe theme, so now you can choose whether you want to use the ChicServe theme for Divi or build out the same theme using Elementor. Since I’m a Divi lover, I’m going to speak to the Divi child theme here.

Why I love this theme:

  • It’s modern, stylish and just dang beautiful. Clean lines and plenty of white space, both of which y’all know I love.
  • It’s incredibly flexible, and easily customizable
  • No code necessary, aka no fuss for you if you’re a non-techy person!
  • This theme is designed to convert. It checks all the boxes for the service-based entrepreneur looking to land all the dreamy clients

ChicServe feminine Divi Child Theme

Who is this theme for?

ChicServe Divi Child Theme is for service-based female-owned entrepreneurs who are looking to uplevel their brand with a gorgeous, functional, and professional website. This theme is perfect for service-based female business owners and solopreneurs that need personal branding. Are you a copywriter? Social media manager? Business coach? This theme is perfect for you. And for virtual assistants, freelance writers, accountants, book keepers, online marketers, online business managers and I’m sure even more…

Theme requirements:

  • This theme works with self-hosted WordPress site.
  • You’ll need to purchase a domain + web hosting to get started.
  • Then purchase the Divi theme before you can use this ChicServe Divi Child Theme.

2. Splendor Theme by Restored 316

BluChic is hands down one of my favorite WordPress theme shops for female creatives, coaches, and consultations but I also really dig the Restored 316 themes.

Let’s start with the Splendor theme by Restored 316. I’m not really sure why they market the theme specifically to “bloggers, agencies, authors or photographers” because I think this theme is designed with so many other service providers in mind.

I love that the theme offers 4 homepage designs, so you can create a first impression for your business that truly stands out.

Theme requirements:

  • This theme requires a self-hosted WordPress site.
  • You’ll need to purchase a domain + web hosting to get started.
  • This theme also requires the Genesis Framework

3. Refined Pro Theme by Restored 316

Okay, eek! I told you I really like the Restored 316 themes, right?! So next up on my list is the Refined Pro Theme, offered by the same makers. Also a WordPress + Genesis Framework theme, however Refined Pro has a completely different vibe than the first 2 themes I listed.

When it comes to style and vibe, this theme is far more classic and timeless look, whereas BluChic’s ChicServe is modern through and through.

Refined Pro might be for you if you’re looking for simply and elegant.

Theme requirements:

  • This theme requires a self-hosted WordPress site.
  • You’ll need to purchase a domain + web hosting to get started.
  • This theme requires the Genesis Framework


Favorite WordPress themes for Female Business Owners

4. Hello Boho Theme by Hello You

Okay hot damn is this one fun and still super functional. I remember when Hello Boho by Hello You first came out, I was like the mind blown emoji. I wanted to convert all of my personal sites and work sites to this bad gal asap. I didn’t because that would have been you know, a bit dramatic, but I’ve continued to have heart eyes for this theme ever since.

I love that this theme is funky and edgy, while still maintaining a sweet feminine appeal. While it works for some businesses and certain audiences, I appreciate that this theme brings a good amount of flair to the world of feminine WordPress themes.

Theme requirements:

  • This theme requires a self-hosted WordPress site.
  • You’ll need to purchase a domain + web hosting to get started.
  • This theme also requires the Genesis Framework

5. Hello Boss Theme by Hello You

Can you tell I have my biases when it comes to feminine WordPress themes and the designer/developer shops who make them? Rounding out my list of top 5 feminine WordPress themes for service based businesses is the newish theme from Hello You: Hello Boss by Hello You

Theme requirements:

  • This theme requires a self-hosted WordPress site.
  • You’ll need to purchase a domain + web hosting to get started.
  • This theme also requires the Genesis Framework

In Summary

Can I be honest with you for a second? Rounding up my go to feminine WordPress hemes was fun. I’m always pinning my favorite themes on Pinterest but I rarely sit down to brag about my favorites. But if I’m being 1000% honest – I really just want to tout one theme: ChicServe! It just works. It’s beautiful, modern, really well developed, easy to customize, and literally designed to convert. For a service based soloprenuer, what more can you ask for?

But alas – I’ll let you decide which theme works best for you!

  1. ChicServe theme by BluChic
  2. Splendor theme by Restored 316
  3. Refined Pro Theme by Restored 316
  4. Hello Boho by Hello You 
  5. Hello Boss by Hello You

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