About Me

After spending nearly 10 years at amazing companies, surrounded by super smart people, building a career in the technology, digital marketing and social media space, I launched The Digital Whit.

I now focus on the kind of work that excites me, supporting only brands that inspire me.

Can you believe I once dreaded going to sleep each night, knowing ‘another day of work’ awaited me in the morning?

I feel so fortunate to be engaged in a business that truly wakes me up eager and excited to ‘get to work.’ Call me a geek, or maybe a nerd, but this feels like finally finding my passion.

Through The Digital Whit, I have the opportunity to apply my very best skills and strengths to specific areas of your business. I’m over the top organized and detail oriented. I simplify and streamline everything. Where there’s chaos, I create process. Where there’s confusion, I create clarity. And most importantly, when technology trips you up, I’m here to take it off your plate.

Simplifying all things social & web for small business owners just like you is my thing.

Prior to opening The Digital Whit, I worked as the Product Manager at Brand Networks, a leading social media technology and services company. While at Brand Networks I was responsible for the vision and successful execution of enterprise level software solutions that enabled brands to more easily plan, schedule, publish and promote organic content across social media channels.

Previous professional roles include social media content planning and execution, online community management, digital marketing campaign strategy, client services and project management. From working at start-ups to working with some of the world’s largest brands, I thought I’d seen and done it all.

But it turns out, I’m just getting started.

On a more personal note, I’m a sucker for Starbucks, love a good bunch of fresh flowers, and have a closet full of oversized neutral sweaters.

I’ve long been delighted by good food, great quotes, the ocean, and home decor, and I keep hanging on the idea that one day I’ll write a book.

My husband and I currently live Western New York with our toddler, Gemma.

Let's Work Together

If you’re in the market for website design or technical support, I’d love to hear from you.